We Help SMBs

In a time of relentless business transformation, we help you bring together company and customer, factory and field service, storefront and supply chain. Without limits, connected and ready for you to unleash your potentials

Meet Cleome.r.p.

A cloud base ecosystem that helps you manage all your business activities from one place, anywhere in the world or on the move via Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.


Monitor sales opportunities and get a comprehensive view of your customer interaction. Automate your follow-ups, meetings, to dos and manage your accounts history, contact information, roles, documents and partners involved all in one place.


Track revenues and sales trends. get paid faster with automated invoicing and online payments. View aging receivables and payables, revenue and expenses, cash flow, balance sheet, transactions, adjustments and taxes and compare them to past years.


Live inventory levels and order status, for up-to the-minute knowledge of your inventory. Track of your items easily by scanning and updating them using QR labels or barcodes and set up alerts to keep track of your stock levels and important dates.


Grow your business faster by converting deals to projects. Spend more time building lasting relationships with your customers and automate your sales, marketing, and services in one mobile, fast, and easy to use platform.


Streamline HR processes and focus on more strategic objectives. Improve HR productivity, engage employees and control costs. Simplify and better manage everything from benefits, talent acquisition, and onboarding to talent management and payroll.


Improve your process, discrete, and mixed manufacturing. Spanning from consumer goods, electronic, to food and beverage. Collect, analyzes data, and manage highly automated, fast-moving processes as well as slower moving, labor-intensive jobs.

Don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Cleome.r.p is a modular ecosystem, that grows with your business. Start with one module and expand the system seamlessly as you go.

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